Friday, October 31, 2008

working nights

well, as many of you know i've been working nights for awhile now. at first it didn't bother me at all (and kyle seemed to be adjusting really well, or so he told me), but its starting to wear on me now. this is how the average work night goes for our household:

- i get home around 7:30am and get to see kyle off to class.
- kyle comes home on his lunch break and wakes me up and we get to spend some time together (although i am still quite comatose), our time here is like 15 min because i can hardly stay awake! sorry dear!
- kyle leaves for work around 2-3, and i'm already asleep before he leaves
- i wake up around 5-6pm. i try to start picking up around the house and cooking dinner, which feels weird, because it'd be like the early morning for most of you! so we've been eating out a lot =)
- kyle gets home from work at 7:30pm and we get to spend all night together, unless..
- i have to work that night, then i will leave at 6:30 and i don't get to see kyle before he gets home from work which makes me so sad..i was almost in tears at work the first time it happened. pathetic, i know. it just took some adjustment

this schedule has worked fairly well for us. we are grateful for the time during the day that we get to spend together and the late nights when i don't have to work.

good things we're grateful for now:

- when i was working days i would come home from work at 7:30pm, eat and be ready to go to sleep. so we actually have more awake hang out time now!
- i am one of the very lucky ones who can sleep really well during the day! (some nurses can't sleep at all in the daytime) so i can sleep all day while kyle is at class/work, so when he gets home i am wide awake.
- thankfully kyle can stay up really late, so he will stay up till 2 or 3 am so we can hang out for awhile. i can sleep the next day, but he still has to get up early for class..he's such a trooper.
- i am getting to watch a lot of sunrises!

things that are getting old:

i have had the last 4 nights off, which has been great, don't get me wrong! but i haven't slept one of those nights! i worked monday night, so i slept all day tues. which kept me up the next night and the story repeats...
i cannot get my sleep scheduled to lead a normal life!
on wednesday, i went to bed with kyle around 2 am only to get up an hour later and not fall alseep till 8 am thurs., and i slept till 6pm (sounds like a ton of sleep, its 9 hrs). so now its friday at 7 am and i haven't been able to sleep since yesterday. my body doesn't know its supposed to be asleep, but i want to sleep so badly just because its night and kyle is asleep!

understand the frustration?

haha, i'm done with my complaining.

i was actually hoping this long blog/rant would make me tired enough to fall asleep. but at this point, i will probably just stay awake till kyle gets up so we can have a little while to hang out! (we have to schedule our hang out times!)

we really are able to make the best of it! we're definitely able to make it work for us and our marriage. thankfully, we don't have kids to throw into the mix just yet! (i don't know how you who do can do it!)

i am very excited to move to greenville, where i'll be on days for a couple months, only to start the whole nights schedule over again! at least those few months will be a nice break to be a day person again!

all that to say, goodnight! (or good morning to most blog readers)

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