Wednesday, October 8, 2008


this past weekend we went home for homecoming at gcs. we had a lot of fun. went to the bonfire on friday and the game on saturday which we won by some what of a landslide!
here are some pictures from the weekend..there are about a million (heidi told me to take a lot since she would be out of town, so i followed orders!) so.. sorry!

we have a picture from every bonfire for like the last 5 years, so we couldn't stop the tradition!

this is adelle trying to copy the cheerleaders

still trying..

here's adelle, brent, and andrew. heidi was out of town. and adelle is covering her eyes because she said the fire was burning them. a little dramatic?

ali cheering

andrew playing with his glow in the dark wand thing

adelle just being herself

us at the game (it was so dang windy!)

mom, dad, and the kids (thanks for looking dad)

nicholas patrick taking a little break.

the kids wanted to pose by the 20 yard marker

andrew trying to get dellie to look

so this picture basically sums up dellie's personality. i told her to smile for a picture and she told me to wait, then she posed like this and said, "ok". haha! she's too much!

the nelson gang after the game

nick and sara

us and the kids

so after this super long weekend, we drove back sunday after noon for me to be at work by 6:30 that night and work all night! i was soo exhausted, but i've caught up on sleep now!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sis! Love the pics! I know no one will appreciate them quite like me! Wish I'd been there, but you captured it well! Thanks & love, Heidi