Wednesday, December 31, 2008

our house!

here is the much belated post about our new house.
i wanted to wait till everything was done (well, almost everything) before posting a bunch of pictures.

the move from college station was not too bad, although we had many more possessions than we realized. it took my car, kyle's durango, and my mom's car completely packed out. the nelsons brought a trailer that was completely loaded down with our furniture. and we even had a couple pieces of furniture in the back of the shavers truck. fun times.

here are pictures of mine and kyle's cars on the way home..

now for the house...
sorry there are a million pictures, people have been asking to see them!

the living room:

the kitchen:

our bedroom:
this dresser we got off the side of the road and completely re-did. well on the way from college station, it lost a top drawer, so we improvised. it now has baskets instead of drawers!

our bathroom:

the extra bedroom. (andrew and adelle have claimed this one)

this is the office/kyle's stuff room:

well there it is! we definitely still have work to do, but we're loving it how it is!
so if you're ever in town, stop by!

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Cinda Boshart said...

Your home is beautiful! I'm so glad you're having fun and loving being married.

We love you guys!