Saturday, March 14, 2009


well, this is just a post because i haven't posted anything in close to a year! ok, maybe not that long.

i'm here laying awake in bed at 2 am because i've started working nights again and we all know the lovely sleep cycles that comes with that! i actually didn't think i was going to do so bad. i came home from work and was in bed by 7:15 then woke up at 4 pm. kyle and i ate dinner and went to a bible study and were home by 8:30ish and i was actually tired! so excited. we were just vedging out and i fell asleep on the couch!! only to wake up at midnight wide awake!! of course. so here i am.

this weather. yuck. although we really need the rain. our grass was a lovely brown hue, and we're already seeing some green! i should actually be very thankful for this nasty weather, because it makes it very easy to sleep during the day! and i get to wear rain boots! that's always fun!

heidi told me the other day she was working on birthday invitations for adelle's birthday (april 17th) and adelle said, "i don't need all those people at my birthday party".
heidi, a little confused, said "you mean, you don't want all your friends at your party?"
adelle, "no, i just need one person".
heidi, "well, who is that one person?".
adelle, "aunt KK". (oh yeah!!)
heidi, "so you don't want anyone else there?"
adelle, "well, kyle can come too".

haha, that just brings such great joy to my soul =) sorry everyone else, but you're not invited!

soo i guess that's all the exciting news i have. and man was it boring. i stooped to talking about the weather!

maybe something exciting will happen in our lives some time soon.

i'll let you know!

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