Saturday, March 21, 2009

spell check anyone?

only at the quinlan flea market, do you find a sign that spells miscellaneous quite like this!
yes, we went to the quinlan flea market today.
it was not quite as "quinlanitey" as i thought it might be! no offense to quinlan peeps. i have several friends from quinlan. but you know who you special ones are!

we actually had a lot of fun. i bought a $2 picture holder thing, and that was our big purchase of the day.

it was a great day, till on the way home we had a flat tire. we pulled over in a closed down tire shop.


we got all the tire changing stuff out of the trunk, and didn't have the lug nut wrench. bummer.

don't worry, our dads saved the day.

the tire that was on our car was ruined, and there was a big pile of old tires that the guy who closed his business left there.

well, if you know my father, you know what happens next. he goes over to the pile and the first tire he looked at matched our tires exactly. he knew it was a sign from God!

so we took the tires to wal-mart to get it put on our car and got a brand newish tire for just a $12 fix!!

(don't worry, we're not thieves. dad knows the guy who owned the shop, so he's going to call him and see if he wants anything for the tire. conscience: cleared)

but back to the quinlan flea market...i recommend it for an entertaining saturday afternoon outing!


wgr said...

LOVE me some flea markets. Glad to hear your dad hasn't changed....hilarious! ;)

beccaellis said...

sounds like your dad....

Pretty handy to have a dad like that huh?