Tuesday, March 17, 2009

oh adelle..

on saturday night, heidi and brent were going to frisco and we're going to be home late so, andrew and adelle spent the night with us. we had so much fun, and they keep us laughing all the time!
saturday, we took them to pizza hut for dinner, rented a movie, and built a fort in the living room to watch the movie. you know, being cool aunt and uncle.
well, sunday morning, they woke us up at 6:30 for church (that starts at 9:15, mind you). it was so funny, they popped in our room and andrew was already completely dressed for church. he was ready to go!
well, we watched tv, and ate breakfast, then i got the kids completely ready to go. i went back to my room to get ready, and adelle said she was going into our "guest bedroom" to read. that's where our bookshelf is with almost all of our books. there's a few children's books that she knows are there, so i assume that's what she is reading.
i hear her yell from the room, "oh, this is my favorite book! i love it! can i take this home!?"
so i tell kyle to go see what she wants to take home, because i would most likely not care.
kyle walks in to her laying on the bed reading none other, but..
haha! maybe heidi and brent did want her to bring that one home!?

you never know with that girl!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Yeah, we could always use a little more Dobson around here! :) And yes, you are the "cool" aunt & uncle! ...shhh! don't tell the others! :)

Anonymous said...

that was me - sorry! (obviously)

Nathaniel & Bethany Roszhart said...

Hahahah that is HILARIOUS!