Tuesday, December 8, 2009

san diego

the week before thanksgiving, kyle and i took a little vacation to san diego! i know this is way behind, but in sticking with my blog motto: "better late than never", i thought now would be the perfect time to post.

we wanted to take a trip just the 2 of us before the arrival of our jillian. we thought we'd wait till after all the holiday hoop-la, but then decided that would be a little too late in the pregnany. so instead, we did it before all the holiday hoop la and had a blast!

sorry there are a million pictures, but enjoy, nonetheless!

our first day in san diego, we had lunch at this seaport village. the weather is amazing all the time! this picture pretty much sums up our trip. we just hung out most of the time, eating at cute little out door places, sitting on beaches (yet not swimming, which was a first for us), and relaxing. it was one of the most low key vacations, and we loved it!

us at the san diego zoo.

jillian starting to make herself known to the world.

heading out for dinner on the town.

we spent one day in la jolla doing pretty much nothing. had lunch at a little out door cafe (i don't think we ate indoors once.. and loved it!!)

our view from lunch.

kyle was going to feel how cold the water was, and wave ended up being a little bigger than he thought. i, on the other hand, am not that brave when it comes to cold water!

the seals come up to the beach in la jolla to sun bathe. they were soo funny to watch!

ice skating outside in downtown san diego! we loooved this! kyle has never been ice skating, and i've only been a couple times. i have always wanted to ice skate outside, so i was so excited to see a rink right outside our hotel! we did endure a few blisters for the rest of our trip, but it was worth it!

our last night there, we went on a dinner cruise! we couldn't decide if we wanted to, but then were really glad we did. the boat went on a 3 hour cruise all around the harbor. this picture was out on the deck.

this was in the boat, on our dinner cruise.

our last day in california! this was at mission beach! we spent the afternoon there just hanging out and having lunch, until it was time for our flight.

so we have gone on our last vacation, as non parents! we had so much fun, and we're soo glad we had the chance to do it now!

now the countdown begins for march/april, whenever jillian decides to come!


The Shepherd Family said...

Hi Kaci,
You don't know me (I am from Greenville and know your sister Ashleigh, graduated with Dan), but have been "stocking" your adorable blog for a while now. Just wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy..and love the name. We have our own Jillian...Jillian Grace. I LOVE the name and had never heard it when I had her and now hear it often...and love it more everytime I know someone who uses it:) Good luck and God Bless!
Paige Shepherd

the nelsons said...

hi! i've actually wandered onto your blog from ashleigh's, and saw that yall have a jillian! ours will be jillian grace too! funny coincidence! thanks for saying hi!!