Wednesday, December 16, 2009


this week marks us being in our house for exactly one year!

i love our house. love it.

there is soo nothing special about our house. it is your typical, cookie cutter, starter home. but we have made it ours and i kinda never want to move.

that was not supposed to happen.

we were going to buy this house, live in it for a couple of years, till we got settled/grew out of it. then we would buy/build something more permanent.

we actually talk about buying/building all the time! "when we move into our next house..." like it's in the works right now. but when the thought of actually leaving this one comes to real life, i'm going to be like real sad.

i don't know if i'm having all these thoughts because we're about to bring our first baby into this house, and it will forever be the baby's first house. but yeah, i'm feeling them. but i'm also feeling like we are growing out of this house with just our first baby!!

maybe kyle will let us move this house onto a bigger plot of land, and then add on to it. like double/triple it in size. that won't be hard. he's asleep now, but i'll ask him tomorrow.

here's our house last year...

we actually bought it in november, but stayed in college station for kyle to finish school.

we came home one weekend, and happened to find it online. looked at it on a monday morning and made an offer on it that friday.

that is soo against what all the real estate shows on HGTV tell you to do, but it worked for us!

kyle graduated one night, we moved the next morning, and Christmas was the next week. goodness, that was such a hectic time. we were sooo tired!

here's our house tonight

my neighbors must think i'm crazy taking pictures of our house at 1 am. oh well.

not a whole lot has changed; a little landscaping (although you can't tell here), new fence, lots of paint, and a few new fixtures. the grass is currently all dead because texas decided to have a lot of 20 degree weather. awesome.

our door. plain and simple. i like it.

probably could have swept of the porch for this middle of the night photo shoot, but it was freezing!!

so what did we do it celebrate living in our house for a year?

went to pizza hut. ate. normally love it. but i got sick.

like lets get home or i may throw up at pizza hut and my life will forever be over as i know it.

came home. sickness passed. what to do now?

paint the baby's room!

we're painting the room a medium dark taupe/khaki. it's called "cafe latte". it goes on super light and dries a whole lot darker, so the picture doesn't really look like it does in real life.
(we were actually done for the night, except cutting in the ceiling, but i made kyle do some pretend strokes for a picture. i am that awesome).

do i feel bad for painting a baby girl's room khaki?

well, a little. but i did not want a pink room. the nursery colors are pink, brown, and green. so there will be lots of girly accents. i just didn't want pink walls. so we'll see how it turns out!

gosh, a lot changes in a year!

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Jackie said...

Kaci, what a great update!! I love this blog! I sure miss you! Would love to see that baby bump in person. I bet Stroman rubs it enough for the both of us!! So happy for you!! Merry Christmas!