Sunday, December 13, 2009

us =)

jillian grace!

this is her. and we like her. a whole lot.


i am growing. slowly but surely! (and lola)

and dad

so he doesn't feel left out =)

we are starting our 26th week in the pregnancy! i can't believe the time has gone so fast!
  • everything is still going extremely well.
  • i still feel great 99% of the time!
  • i can eat just about whatever i want.
  • i don't really love mexican food. which is very very strange, because i lived on tamollys and taco bueno before i was pregnant.
  • i still eat mexican food several days a week because of the family i was born into. it doesn't make me sick or anything, i just don't crave it.
  • i mostly just crave bread, which is no change at all from before i was pregnant.
  • jillian is sooo active! way more than i ever thought she would be. kicks all day every day.
  • she usually immediately stops kicking if someone puts there hand on my belly to feel. including kyle.
  • i actually get hot now. before pregnancy, i was cold all the time. but now, i actually don't wear a jacket some times! amazing.
  • i wake up in the middle of the night sweating. probably my only pregnancy annoyance.
  • i still love to sleep and do it way more often than i should.
  • i'm going to feel really bad if this baby ends up being a boy and we've called him jillian for several months. like real bad. and i'll have to come back and edit all these posts for when he reads them later in life.
  • except i've seen 2 separate sonos at 2 different times, both saying girl. so that's reassuring.
  • and i love being pregnant!

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