Friday, March 19, 2010

38 weeks!

yes, we're still alive over here at the nelsons!

yes, we're still pregnant!

38 weeks (and 3 days) to be exact!

this is what we're looking like these days! (kyle takes these pictures from odd angles, maybe we'll get it down by the time we deliver!) we're really bad at remembering to take pictures of the ever growing belly! every couple of weeks, i'm like, oh wow, i've grown, we should document this!

things i've learned as we near the end of our first pregnancy:

-- take a very deep breath before bending over to do anything
-- opt for shoes with no laces, ultimately flip flops (thank you warmer weather!)
-- i have to go to the bathroom more than you thought would be humanly possible!
-- keep tums close by!
-- rolling over is much harder than one would think
-- maternity jeans are the greatest creation ever
-- i didn't know my toes would swell! much less every other part of my body!
-- and it's really sad when a bath robe doesn't fit anymore (a BATH ROBE!! aren't those like one size fits all!? nope!)

we had a doctor's appointment today and everything is still going wonderfully!
--blood pressure is in check.
--still gaining weight, but it has leveled off quite a bit. i've gained 32 lbs =/. sounds like quite a bit to me, but it's right where doc wants us.
--jillian's heartbeat still sounds great. it's been in the 130's like 4 appt's in a row. maybe she'll be a chill baby!? (one can hope!)
--and we're at a 3! (tmi?)
--doctor mentioned we might go this weekend (which sounds very soon!)

and so you remember what the cute jilli-bean we're waiting on looks like, here she is!

so sweet! look at those little lips! can't wait to see her little face in person!


Nathaniel and Bethany Roszhart said...

Woooo hoo! So excited for y'all!!!

The Alfassa's said...

I agree with the bathroom one... I get up what seems like every hour...

Alison said...

Yay! So excited for you! We have an appointment this morning.

I have to agree with you on the lessons you've learned being pregnant. I definitely go to the bathroom more than I thought possible. Watching a movie with Shannon the other night, we had to pause it 4 times so I could take a bathroom break.

Rolling over, bending down, and breathing are all increasingly difficult, too. And antacids are my friend. Can't wait to meet Jillian!

Caroline said...

Emily is amazed at how tiny you still are! (Minus the belly, of course.) Excited for you!!