Tuesday, March 23, 2010

39 weeks..

and counting!

i was not anxious to deliver at all, until last week, when they (doctor) said, "it'll be any day now. i'll be surprised if you make it through the weekend."

so that does absolutely nothing for me, except make me start counting days (or hours) and wondering if every little twinge might be the start of labor.

well, i'm still pregnant.

i'm walking. a lot. i would be much more prone to walk more if it wasn't freezing outside. and i'm not sure why kyle and i always end up waiting till like 11 pm to walk. (that might have something to do with the freezing.)

tonight, we had to cut our walk short, because i thought i would surely wet my pants if we didn't make it back to the house. so we came back, i went to the bathroom, but after going i didn't feel like going back out into the cold.

so i walked around the living room while he watched tv.

oh, and while drinking raspberry tea. apparently that is supposed to make you go into labor. we're definitely drinking that. i made up a whole pitcher and drink it iced because hot tea is "ugh". with a little sugar (and ice), i actually really like it!

people ask if i've been craving weird stuff, and i usually say no, not really..i've just been eating a lot more. i usually don't make it through the night without getting up and eating a snack. usually a bowl of cereal. i was not a cereal person before pregnancy, so i guess that's weird for me.

this week, i got up about 4 am and had wheat thins, crackers, pepperoni, diced peaches, and a banana.


so now, i'm going to have to answer "yes, i eat random crap".

i bought a cute set of pj's to wear while in the hospital, and i've been saving them for that time. well, i put the pants on tonight and they don't fit anymore!! well, they're just definitely "snug"!

that's medium depressing!

ah, pregnancy.

i actually do love it. i'm just thinking i'm ready to love the end result.

now i'm gonna go walk some more laps around the living room. while wearing these snug pajama pants. maybe i'll get them stretched out!


beccaellis said...


Probably any post-baby hospital clothes will be ruined after the trip, so you might want to save that cute ones for a couple of weeks after she comes anyway. Can't wait to meet little girl, and I'm sure you can't either!

Simply Me said...

just found your blog, Love it! New follower!!