Friday, February 26, 2010

jillian's room

we've been working on jillian's room for awhile now, just whenever we get the chance. it's pretty much finished, although i'd like to add a few details here and there.

i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. a baby girl's room, but not over the top, everything pink frills girly.
this is the view from the doorway into the room.

and here's the other side of the room. we still need to stain the rocking chair. that's a project for this weekend. we'll see how it goes!

here's the inside of the bed. i love the bumper pad! my mom made all the bedding. you can see the quilt hanging on the rocking chair in the previous pic. i guess i need to get a better picture of it.

we painted the room khaki and i drew a tree on the wall in chalk. i read this technique for painting things ("murals") on walls and it definitely sounded the easiest! you just have a wet paper towel and wipe the lines off to erase.

here's the tree after the first coat. it took 3 coats of acryllic to get it as bright as i wanted. (that's 3 different colors of off white)

i had this white lamp and wanted to "cute it up" a little, so i started tying ribbons around it. well, i think you could tie ribbons forever and never be quite perfectly happy with how it looks, so i just stopped!

here's how it looks for now. i may go and tie a few more on, but not today!

like i said, we're still working on the little things here and there..and considering she probably won't even sleep in here for quite some time, i think we're close enough to being ready!

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Scarlett said...

It looks so cute, Kaci! I love the khaki. Great job!