Friday, April 16, 2010

jillian grace

she's here!

we've had her for 11 days now and time is already passing too fast!

i quickly learned that you fore go certain "luxuries" when your life turns into 3 hour increments and blogging was one of those!

her "birth story"..

--on april 5th, we got to the hospital at 4:30 am to start the induction process. (we tried everything to get her here naturally, but she wouldn't have it). when we got to the hospital my blood pressure was sky high!! my blood pressure has not been high my entire pregnancy, but apparently my body didn't like being in labor. so immediately we were on "blood pressure precautions" and having to lay a certain way, keep the lights out, no visitors, just chill.

--the pitocin started at about 5 am and within minutes we were ticking off some pretty intense contractions every 1-2 minutes. it was a good sign i was responding so easily to the pitocin, but we were contracting a little too much, we had to back off the pitocin just a tad. and my blood pressure was coming down..things were looking good.

--jillian decides she doesn't want to tolerate the labor and dropped her heart rate to the 80's-90's. (should be 120-160). and my blood pressure was back up. doctor broke my water at this time. of course my fluid was meconium stained, just to make matters worse! the plan for now was to try to deliver as soon as possible to solve blood pressure and heart rate issues.

--at about 3pm we decided to get an epidural to see if it would help me and baby chillax. well, it did and everything was going great! i was dilating and our strips were looking great, so i was very relieved!

--well, she decided to be stubborn a few more times and drop her heart rate for several minutes at a time, which scares the poo out of all the docs and nurses. we kinda discussed a c-section if it keeps happening, but nothing to seriously.

--at 8 pm i was dilated to an 8, but our strips weren't looking great. the doctor decided to call a c-section at this time. they wanted to get it done before it became an emergency situation for baby's heart rate. insert 15 minutes here for me to completely break down because things weren't going as we had "planned".

-- we got ready for the c-section and headed to the O.R. well, apparently there happened to be an emergency situation, so they went to the O.R. first and we waited.

--during the time we waited, jillian's heart rate dropped to the 70's and wouldn't come back up. now it turned into a stat c-section and all craziness broke loose. all the staff was great and they got her out so quick!

--she started crying immediately, all i could see was kyle's eyes because of all his O.R. gear, and they were all squinty from smiling so big.

--she was so perfect and healthy, despite all the issues of the day!

here we are waiting to go into the O.R.

meeting jillian for the first time!

kyle carried jillie from the O.R. to the nursery.

my first time to see jillian after leaving the O.R.

she is the most precious thing ever! the first night with her was so surreal, i just kept looking at her, and couldn't believe she was ours!

i don't know if motherhood is what i "expected" or not. it's not any harder or easier than i thought. i literally love every minute of it! i actually love feeding her at night. i'm always a little sad when we have to put her to bed each night because we want her to stay up with us!

we're still getting into the routine with everything. she does not like sleeping during the day, so that is our only struggle right now. she is sleeping great at night though, so i'm ok with that trade off!

we are absolutely loving life as a family of 3!

we'll catch up on the rest of her life at a later date..someone is ready to eat!


Jessica said...

Jillian is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!!!

Kapitan Ho said...
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Laura said...

she is so beautiful! so happy for you guys. and she and Kate will be in the same grade!