Tuesday, April 27, 2010

life as the 3 of us

we have adapted well to becoming a family of 3 and we are liking it quite a bit.

here are random (quite random) highlights from our life in the last few weeks..

at jillie's 2 week appointment, she weighed 6 lbs 14 oz, and was 20 1/2 inches long. she's gained almost a pound since we left the hospital!

she is still eating every 3 hours, almost on the dot!

when we first brought her home, we had a hard time getting her to nap during the day. well, she has switched that up. she now naps great during the day time, but puts up a fight to sleep at night.

we've just started trying the whole "crying it out" thing, and that is not fun for anyone involved!

once jillie is asleep (usually about midnight), then she eats every 3 hours and then is ready to get up about 8 am when kyle is leaving for work. so we're really not losing too much sleep..can't complain!

the doctor thought she might have colic, due to some of her symptoms (screaming at the exact same time each evening/night), but we've kind of adapted a few things, and she seems to be doing better. one of those things being zero caffeine for mom (ouch) and jillie getting mylicon at each feeding. she still fusses at those times, but has taken the screaming down a few notches. which we appreciate!

just about every evening we take a walk. the girl loves loves loves to be outside! she just looks around and is so content. so we head outside when we can tell the fussiness is coming!

she loves her baby bjorn! it's her favorite mode of transportation!

she doesn't love being in the car. and when i say doesn't love, she lasts about 5 minutes before she decides she would "rather be somewhere else".

jillie has really taken to her swing. she didn't love it at first, but they have become good friends. she's actually in it right now. it buys a lot of time for mom to get stuff done.

i have learned it takes a lot of strategy to get things done during the day!

after all the randomness of our life, here are some pictures of our sweet girl..

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Omg! This makes me want to be a new mommy again. :) Your little girl is beautiful. I love my 1 year old boy, but I reallly want a girl. Lol