Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mother's day

we celebrated my first mother's day on sunday and it was great!! i love being a mom, and this was just icing on the cake!

that morning we went to breakfast with all my family and celebrated mother's day for my mom!

happy mother's day ammaw!

that day was baby dedication at church, so it was great to dedicate our jillie! she did so good, and slept through the whole thing, and looked super cute doing it!

this was the only picture taken of our little family all day. it was in the parking lot at church. who knew we were going to have this dark, wintery day in may!

we spent that whole afternoon snuggling on the couch and napping. it was the perfect mother's day!

kyle surprised me with a gift card to a spa to get a massage! i'm soo excited (and a little nervous). i've never had a massage! i can't wait! and he also got me some caffeine free cokes! i was real excited about this..i call them my guilt free cokes. jillie doesn't do wonderful after i have caffeine so i have cut it out completely (well..very close to completely).

that evening we went out to dinner with kyle's family to celebrate his mom and grandmothers.

happy mother's day gigi!

it was a great day to be a mom!

i adore every minute of having my sweet jillie girl. this is definitely what i am meant to do. i love it! even the "trying times" bring joy.

she melts my heart daily!

happy mother's day to all the mom's out there! (a couple days late, but it wouldn't be my blog if it was on time!)

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