Thursday, May 20, 2010

6 weeks

jillian is 6 weeks old this week!

i was going to do a month post but that came and went quickly! here she is at a month..

last week we weighed her and she was a whoppin 9 pounds! she has already gained 3 lbs..that's insane!

she has lots of new tricks..

she loves for people to talk to her and she'll smile now (like she actually knows what she's doing!) she's also started "talking" a lot and it's soo sweet!

she kicks her legs non-stop! when you lay her on her back she will kick and inch along backwards. on her changing table, she starts the diaper change at one end and by the time she's done, she has scooted all the way to the other end!

the girl is a snuggly little thing. and i looove that! i remember when i was pregnant, i told kyle, i just hope we get a snuggly baby! and we did! when you're holding her up against your chest she will scoot and wiggle till she's all tucked up under your neck. and if you lay her next to you, she wiggles herself almost completely under your side! i love it!

the down side of her being so snuggly is she doesn't love to sleep in her bed! it's more a problem with flat surfaces. she wants to be all cuddled up. she does great in her swing or bouncy seat, but we're really trying to get her to sleeping in her crib/bassinet!

the poor girl has tummy issues and spends lots of days uncomfortable. we go through mylicon likes it's going out of style! those hard days also earn her more snuggle time =) we've been letting her sleep in her swing (turned off) because it seems to give her some relief, but we're trying to not make that an un-breakable habit!

she still loves to be swaddled. she will fight sleep so much, but then you just wrap her up (or just lay a blanket over her) and she will immediately start dozing off! she comes by that honest--i won't watch tv without being covered up!

she still eats every 3 hours during the day and she has started stretching out her feeding times at night. last night she went from 12:30 to 5 am!! (but that was in her swing..probably wouldn't have been that great in her bassinet).

we're still in size 1 diapers. and we go through a lot!

oh, and it looks like her eyes are going to be a dark blue.

she is still soo sweet, and i'm loving these more alert days. each phase we get to, i want to just freeze time and soak up this stage (minus the tummy issues).

look at that little face!

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