Saturday, June 5, 2010

two months

sweet baby girl, how could you possibly be 2 months old today!?

you weigh 10 lbs 6 oz (50th percentile) and are 23 inches long (75th percentile).

at your doctor's appointment this week, you got shots, and you very clearly told me you did not like them. we spent the rest of the day spoiling you with lots of snuggling (because you're not old enough for ice cream yet)

last night (for your 2 month birthday, i guess) you went from 9:30 pm to 4:00 am between feedings!! way to go peanut! this is no small feat for you! you love to eat, and do not love to sleep, so you have been trouble spreading those feedings out at night.

maybe you're ready to be a big girl (no you're not!)

you're expressions are the sweetest things. when someone gets close to your face and talks you love give one of those big gummy smiles and talk back. and don't get me started on your dimples!

you are constantly looking around. you don't like being held like a little baby anymore. you want to be held up so you can be checking out everything going on around you.

you love love love to be outside! if you're fussy, we just have to step outside and it's insta-quiet! you would skip feedings if you were outside (don't worry, we don't let you!)

your changing table is still your favorite place to be in the whole house!

you also love to watch tv with dad.

you met your first friend last week, caleb (alison and zeb's baby). yall are about a month apart and had lots to talk about! (actually you kinda had a tummy ache that day and weren't feeling very talkative. we'll give it another try later).

you still love to be swaddled, but now you like for your arms to be free so you can stretch them out when you sleep. (here you actually fell asleep on our bed swaddle-free..doesn't happen very often!)

we got you a pair of cowboy boots for the fall which you are apparently very excited about! except it looks like you're going to have long feet like daddy so you may be growing into them sooner than i expected!

you have learned to "blow bubbles", which you think is great, but it makes for very soggy shirts most of the day!

i love to watch you figure out new tricks!

peanut, we love every single minute of you. even the times when you may be a tad bit fussy (it's ok, we all have bad days). i love love to just hold and snuggle you. you have started to rub my neck with your little chubby fingers or hold on to my necklaces. melts my heart. and daddy, he doesn't have a chance, but we will let him think he does.

love you sweet girl.

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