Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anniversary, rolling over, and swimming, oh my!

there's been a lot going on around here!

on monday (the 14th), kyle and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary! i cannot believe we have been married that long! it has flown by and it's crazy to think of how much has changed since that day!

kyle, i love love love being married to you! and now parenting with you! i wouldn't want to do it with anyone else! you're my favorite!

we have made it a mini tradition to take a picture on the front steps of the church where we got married each year. in this year's picture, we have a new addition!

on our wedding day..

1 year anniversary..

this parents kept jillie and we just went to rockwall for the evening. we went to eat at saltgrass, then wal-mart, target, and old navy. haha. so simple, yet soo great! i forgot how great it is to wander around stores without having to worry about feeding times or dirty diapers. we had so much fun just being a couple instead of parents for a few hours.

in jillie news, big things have been happening!

she has learned to roll over from tummy to back, and it is so sweet to watch! she always looks so surprised after doing it. she actually did it first while heidi was babysitting her. heidi called and asked if she could roll over. i told her she had like twice but it was totally on accident, and heidi said, well she definitely is now and it's not on accident! (i have pictures of this, but on a different camera, and i don't have the card reader, i'll have to add them later!)

she has also started sleeping on her tummy (shh), which has made her a much better sleeper! she has slept 7 straight hours for several nights in a row! this is a dream come true, considering just last week she was still waking up like every 3-4 hours! crazy, i know.

we just had to be tough for a couple days of making her go back to sleep, and she got the hang of it so easy!

we still don't have a great routine of going to bed at the same time each night. this is soo mine and kyle's fault, because we are never at home when we should be putting her to bed. so a lot of time she falls asleep wherever we are, then when we get her home we put her to bed. so she usually sleeps in her bed like midnight till 7ish. (i know..we're bad parents to not put her to bed till midnight, but it's working for now!)

she also went swimming for the first time and loved it! well, she didn't not like it, she doesn't really show her love for things just yet (except mom and dad, of course!)

we have dipped her in the pool before just to see what she would do, but last night she stayed in the pool for over an hour! we're going to force her to be a water baby!

summer is here and we are having so much fun being outside! we try to forget kyle still has to go to work!

we just have so much fun being a family and we love every minute of it!

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