Thursday, June 24, 2010

daddy day!

a tad late!

we had a great father's day weekend full of fun family festivities!

a lot of kyle's family was in town for various reasons, so we had a lot of hang out time with them.

went to church on sunday, and then had a very relaxing day!

going to church! look at jillie's sweet smile! it looks like she knows how to take a picture now!

kyle got sweeties for breakfast! (i may have had some too)

our sweet family =)

kyle, i looove being a parent with you! it's been such a fun, interesting, tiring, enjoyable last 11 weeks! i wouldn't trade it for anything. you're such a great dad, jillie's is lucky to be your baby girl! we love you!

and happy father's day to my dad! i love being your daughter! you're one of the greatest guys i know! love you!

and to jeff! thanks for giving me kyle! and please don't spoil jillie! we love you!

happy father's day to all the dad's out there!!

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