Monday, November 28, 2011

give thanks

we had a wonderful thanksgiving this year! i was a little nervous about all the holiday craziness with two kiddos under two, but they did so great, and we had a great day!

we started the day at kyle's parents, with both sides of his family there.

we tried to get a few family pictures, and we were medium successful!
jillian always loves to give kade man a good head rub!

 and then follows it up with some kisses.

 this one might get printed up big! {poor kade though, just tossed to the side!}

 we got kade situated where he was facing the camera, then this look came from jillian and the shoot was over! it happens!

me and my sweet little chunky man.

jillian did some swinging of course!

kyle's family

all the shaver grandkids with the grandparents!

this is all the shaver side of the family!

then we went to dinner at my parent's house. (kyle's aunt had my camera at lunch, so she took a ton of great pictures, i didn't do so great at my parents!)

this is the scene you will get at my parents at any family gathering:

 {all the girls in the living room talking about super important stuff (i guess andrew was joining in)}

{and all the guys in the den watching whatever sporting event might be on}

{there is usually a "battle" where all the kids want to play in the ice. this was after everyone had left, so jillie was having a blast "breaking the rules!"}

then we end the night with some hank wrestling! (this picture actually makes hank look smaller than he is. he's giant!)
so that was our thanksgiving and it was great! we left the house at noon and returned at midnight, slightly exhausted. and we didn't even leave greenville!

i'm so grateful for both of our families! we love spending time with both of them, and always have so much fun when we do!

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