Tuesday, November 15, 2011

pj playtime

kade is starting to be so much more alert, and responsive to us. really staring intently and smiling at us. And jillian is loving it! she thinks she has a whole new friend!

i just love to watch them interact now! jillian will bring him a ton of toys, and pile them on him (somewhat safely with supervision) and then just talk to him, play patty-cake, and dance for him. it's so great.

most of this happens in the mornings, because that's when they're both the happiest (their mom needs to catch on to this!)

so that's where the name "pj playtime" comes from. (but to be honest, we're usually all in our pj's until we leave the house most days, which is when kyle comes home!)

{here jillian is taking a picture of kade with her cell phone, saying "cheese kade!" think she's seen this before?}

 {sweet kisses! and kade's face! love it!}

 i'm finally able to catch some of kade's sweet smiles on camera!

and we'll end on this! love love love them staring at each other with those facial expressions. i see these two in a lot of mischief before too long!

so yeah, even though i'm so not a morning person, watching these two play is making them much more bearable! (that, and a nice cup of coffee)