Tuesday, November 29, 2011

artist at work

jillian has enjoyed coloring, painting, crafting, etc. for awhile now, but it would usually only last like 10 minutes, then she would be on to something new.

here recently she has started loving to do anything artsy. i was playing with settings on my camera, so i needed a subject to take pictures of to practice shooting more manually (bleh), so i started taking pictures of her, she had no idea i was 2 feet from her!

 i love watching how she holds her mouth while she's concentrating!

then little man, was practicing tummy time while she colored!

 so i started taking pictures of him, and jillian wanted in on that action! (how she didn't notice me taking pictures of her, i don't know!)

we'll end on this one. kade takes a nose dive and who knows what jillie is doing!?

i kind of love the simple things that make up our every day.


Bethany Roszhart said...

Oh my goodness those coloring pictures are to die for!! And props for using manual mode on your camera. I always use auto and then get cranky when they aren't as good as others shot in manual. Ugh!

the nelsons said...

Oh i always shoot auto-ish! Like i just use the pre-set settings on the 'wheel'. These are shot using shutter and aperature. So, not actually manual. I'm taking baby steps!!