Tuesday, May 20, 2008

andrew and dellie hard at work

andrew and adelle, my niece and nephew are going to be our ring bearer and flower girl in just a few short weeks. andrew is 4 and adelle is 2, and they think their jobs are serious stuff! (well andrew is at least. dellie just thinks its fun to wear a dress and throw flowers while screaming!) heidi (my sister/their mom) says they have been practicing religiously, she said the other day she was in the kitchen and andrew ran in urgently and said, "mom, give me your wedding rings, quick!". heidi replied, "my wedding rings are very expensive, you can't play with them." andrew says, "but it is very important! we are practicing for the wedding!". so..heidi made andrew two wedding rings out of pipe cleaners, then followed him into the living room where he was carrying them around on a throw pillow while adelle threw flowers all around the room. i'm glad we have a ring bearer and flower girl that take their job so seriously! we'll see if all their practice really pays off on the big day!!

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Kristyn said...

Did I already comment on your blog?? I can't remember now...just wanted to say I'm so glad you have a blog, and look forward to reading about what's going on with y'all. Your place looks very cute...you will treasure those pictures of your first place later. sounds weird, but it's true.
See you very soon...just a few more days! :)