Monday, May 19, 2008

home sweet home

I moved into the apartment that kyle and i will live in after we get married. (kyle will obviously move in later!) we've gotten everything moved in, but its definitely still all in the works. the walls are still pretty bare, but we're working on it. kyle has done a wonderful job hanging everything up for me, and some times re-hanging when i change my mind =) thanks dear.
here is the living room/kitchen seen from the front door.
this is the living room from the i said..the walls are still pretty bare.

here's the kitchen in the works. right now its pretty much just space to pile things we haven't found a spot for!

and the other side..

here's our bed to be! the wrong parts/hardware were in the box so my dad had to make a quick trip to lowe's to get the bed all put together. it took a "jeff jones rig", but it works! thanks dad!

here is the dresser in our room. we found this dresser on the side of the road and it was literally falling apart! with my dad's help, we "reinforced" it, then gave it a new paint job and new hardware. i think it turned out pretty cute!


Dan and Ashleigh said...

The house looks so good! And you were worried it wouldn't be nice. I think it looks great! And it'll look even better after you get all of your wedding gifts.

mom said...

Everything is coming together. It's really cute. Lanny says he loves you!