Monday, May 19, 2008

offically SUMMER!

the kids came over for the first swim of the summer! it was actually for mother's day! (so this is a little late!) i love summer! it is definitely my favorite time of year! i could spend all day, every day outside, and don't even get me started on the beach! love it! the pool will suffice for now, though!
adelle decided that she wanted to wear her butterfly wings! so andrew was saying, "they just aren't biting today" haha

he wanted a picture of himself jumping off the diving board.

not sure what adelle is doing here. she loves all the swimming accessories, but only wanted one arm floaty.
this is dellie's favorite spot by the pool. she'll sit there forever just filling her bucket up with water!
here adelle is practicing being a flower girl! this is her practice basket, because her white basket will not stay white for long! each time she threw flowers she would scream and clap. she hasn't totally figured out how to walk and throw at the same, but it's all still in the works.

we played this "game" over and over. she'll be a great flower girl! or the cutest, at least!

so yes..i am very very glad it's summer! hot sunny days, lying by the pool..nothing beats it!!

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Dan and Ashleigh said...

Ok, this makes me want to cry. I miss them so much and they're growing up so fast! But I know if I was there all the time I would spoil them and they wouldn't be sweet anymore. The wedding is going to be so great! They'll make you proud!