Wednesday, May 14, 2008

so long nursing school!

So this is a little late (i'm a bad blogger)..
I graduated from nursing school on May 7th, and now I'm officially a nurse! Well, after i pass boards! For nursing graduations, they have a special "Pinning Ceremony". It's a tradition, and it's very different from other graduations. The graduates are pinned by someone "special" to them. I chose my parents to do the deed. Then at the end of the ceremony, the graduates light their "Nightingale Lamps" as they recite the nurse's pledge. Like I said..very different than other graduations!
Here are pictures from the night!

This is right after my parents pinned me.

This is super blurry, but this is me holding my "Nightingale Lamp"
Kyle and I after the ceremony.

us with my parents...i wouldn't have made it without any of them!!

My oldest sister, Heidi, was able to make it. She's been a nurse
for several years now! I'm following in her footsteps!

Mom and I..thanks for all your help!
The next day was the traditional cap and gown graduation. Blinn apparently thought it was a good idea to have electric blue just change the pictures to black and white and no one will know!!

So we were having a hard time getting a good picture with my parents. This actually the best one! Unfortunately mom looks scared, I look awkward, and dad is laughing. oh well. good times!

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