Sunday, December 28, 2008

happy graduation kyle!

as most of you know kyle graduated from a&m a couple weeks ago. and as usual, i am a little late in posting these. i have a good reason, i was waiting to get the pictures from kyle's parents, because his dad has a camera with a lens longer than my arm, so his pictures are way better than mine. when i get those pictures i will randomly post them. but for now, my pictures will suffice.

this was the morning of his graduation. there was one commencement speech made for all the grads in the morning. then all the graduations followed throughout the day. the speech was made by george w. bush!! it was so great to hear him speak, and was his last commencement speech he will make as president. it was quite an honor.

bush sr. and barbara were there also and made very short speeches.

actually george bush sr. got up before w. and said, "well, the president said to keep it short, so with no further adieu, the president of the united states of america."

we set the timer, which of course usually takes several pictures to get right. so the whole time we were doing this lola just stood right next to us and stared at us.
on a side note, she loves cameras. if you get the camera out she'll come up and sit right in front of you till you take a picture, then just walk away.

on our way to see the president!

this was right before we left for graduation!

that's kyle going across stage. can't you tell?

making sure its the real deal! kyle graduated cum laude. he figured out he was .01 points from magna cum laude! still quite well!

congratulations jeffrey!

just fyi, now kyle is employed as a rural lender by heritage land bank in greenville. he will loan to farmers for land, livestock, farm equipment and all that good stuff.

i'm pretty sure a cowboy hat is required in the job attire.

i'm so proud of dear. i'm so lucky =)

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