Sunday, December 28, 2008

holiday cheer!

i have so much blogging to catch up on. so i've decided to do it one step at a time, and just blog about whatever i feel like it that day. so these won't be in the right order..

today will be on all the Christmas festivities!
this year was our first Christmas together as a married couple and it was so great! it was so exciting to wake up together in our own house and celebrate christmas with just the two of us. (we've already been married over 6 months! time flies)

on christmas morning! (please don't mind the just rolled out of bed look).

kyle opening his treasures!

kyle got me diamond earrings to match my wedding ring! i was so excited!! (although he did slightly break the spending limit. i don't know why we even set those anyways)

lola the reindeer!

on the 23rd all the jones kids, spouses, and grandkids spent the night at our parents. it was so much fun! we had sleeping bags and air mattresses everywhere. the kids thought this was amazing.
we woke up on the morning of the 24th and had christmas morning (my dad had to work the 25th). it was so much fun ..still exactly like it was when we were kids. we woke up and opened our stockings. then of course had monkey bread! mom made 8 bisquit cans of monkey bread! then we opened presents!
it was so great to be with all the family!

us in our matching pjs. every christmas my parents give all the boys and all the girls matching pjs. except its a surprise every year! =)

adelle got some make up for christmas and went into the bathroom to try it out herself!

andrew with his new suitcase to go visit the grandparents. (adelle got a pink one, of course)

mom was loading the dishwasher and turned around and lola had gotten in it.

lola sat like this on the top of ashleigh's chair looking out the window the whole time we were opening presents!

andrew and danny laying in all the wrapping paper

the traditional kids in the paper picture after all the festivities

we spent christmas day at the nelsons and shavers, but i don't have any pictures on my camera from the events. i'll have to wait and get some from the fam.

i hope all of your holidays were bright and merry!!

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