Thursday, December 4, 2008

blog catch up

i have been some what busy these last few weeks, and the blog was the first thing to go. sorry blog readers. but ashleigh at thanksgiving scolded me for being a bad blogger, so here i am trying to catch up. this will be a what we've been doing lately and i'll expand on each at a later date!

- i'm still working in the nursery at the med in college station
- kyle is still a student at a&m
- kyle graduates in 10 days!!!
- we move to greenville in 11 days!!!!!
- we have been going to greenville every free weekend to work on the house.
- we painted the living room brown (love it) and the kitchen red (getting to love it)
- kyle's dad was working in our attic and might have stepped through putting a 3 foot wide hole in the ceiling of our bedroom. not funny at the time, definitely funny now. and he had if fixed in 2 days! (i'll definitely explain that further at a later date)

so that was fast and furious, but it's just so ash will get off my blogging back! haha, just kidding!
i just got home from work and its 8:10am (yes, over an hour late getting home). so i am now going to sleep!!

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