Friday, December 5, 2008


one weekend, kyle and i were working in the house and it was 50 something degrees. so we're all bundled up painting. we could not get the heater to come on. something about the pilot not lighting.

kyle calls his dad to come over and take a look at it. they are up in the attic working on it while i stay in the kitchen painting.

i hear a crash..a very loud crash.

i think to myself..hmm..either my husband or father in law has just broken themselves.
i stay in the kitchen for a little longer, not wanting to intrude if something had gone wrong (because you know how men can be when things go wrong).

a couple minutes later, i go out in the garage where the attic door is open and just say "are yall alright up there?"

here they come down the stairs not saying a word.

then kyle says, "have you been in our bedroom?"
"no, the door was closed."
"well, you might want to go take a look."
i open the bedroom door to this sight:

i said, "oh my".
thoughts going through my head:
it can be fixed.
its just like the first scratch on a new car.
i wonder how much its going to cost to fix.
then kyle says, "it wasn't me. it was my dad."
i say, "oh"

i look down and see this:

sheet rock and insulation. guess whats under that insulation? an entire pan of fresh paint kyle had just poured out to start painting!!

so i go back to painting the kitchen. its like 9pm on a sunday night. nothing can be done about it now, might as well get the kitchen painted!
kyle's dad comes into the kitchen looking about as sick as i've ever seen him and says,
"i am so so sorry i just put a huge hole in your house"
"no big deal. don't worry about it. we'll get it fixed..."
" want a sun light anywhere else in your house? because i can take care of it!"

haha, needless to say the hole was completely fixed by tuesday! (two days later!) jeff had the contractor on the phone that night and had it fixed immediately! we thought we'd have to paint the ceiling but they matched it all and it looks perfect! you can't even tell there was a gaping hole in our ceiling!

not super funny at the time, but pretty hilarious now!

here's a picture where kyle's in the attic, and i'm in the bedroom. i guess we could have just put in a second attic door there!

so, jeff, drop in anytime!

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