Wednesday, August 12, 2009

life as us

i'm so excited to have a few days off! i've worked 4 of the last 5 nights and that's a lot for me. i'm not one of those amazing night shifters that can work a bazillion nights in a row and still look and feel amazing!

it gets to me quick!

and i miss kyle. i see him, sure. for about 30 min when i get home from work and about 30 min before i go back to work. not much quality time there! lots of phone calls and text messages lately!

but other than that life is good! and really life is good because of that too! we like having jobs!

we're still not sure about how my working situation will work out once the baby is born. i will probably cut back to working only 1 or 2 nights a week. it is actually medium convenient working nights with kids, because daddy-o will be home at night to watch them! and hopefully they will love me and take long naps when i get home the next day!!

wow this is a boring post!

other exciting stuff...hmm..

lola got her cone off her head, so now we can walk her in the neighborhood without being totally embarrassed! and she hasn't even noticed her stitches so that's nice!

we got to see the baby last week (sono.) it was like 1 day to early to see a heartbeat. bummer. but it looked text book for what it should look at that time, so we took that as encouraging. we're going back this week!

i've decided i will start cooking kyle breakfast when i get home from work instead of cooking dinner. that way i'm not trying to cook, eat, and clean in less than an hour before i have to leave for work. it makes that time way to hectic, and we prefer just hanging out together for that hour. poor kyle has to fend for himself for dinner lots (mostly he goes to his parents =) ) well this morning's menu item was breakfast burritos. always a good choice!

well i think that's about it in the life of the nelsons lately! not much exciting going on, but i still love it!

now off to do laundry and dishes, we have catching up to do! =)

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