Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what the?!

so i'm running errands yesterday, thinking i am going to die any minute from heat exhaustion. i'm pretty sure it was about 189 degrees here. i would run to and from the store/car and have the air on full blast.
well, after i was done, i was heading home (it was about 3 oclock in the afternoon) and a girl a couple houses down from me was mowing her yard.
i thought wow..that girl is determined to have a nice yard. way to go her!
but then i noticed what she was wearing..
cut off shorts and a tank top -- very appropriate mowing clothes.
but her footwear..
she was mowing in UGG BOOTS!!!
tall ones. with fur. in 189 degree weather!
what is she thinking!?
i'll tell you what i was thinking..i'm gonna run over there, rip them off, and hose off her feet.
they have to be on fire!!
instead, i just went into my wonderfully air conditioned house and watched tv, or something equally lazy. ha.

so, lady, flip flops are like real cheap and medium cool during this blazing hot weather.
just thought i'd let you in on that secret.

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