Tuesday, August 25, 2009

our sweet peanut

we had our first appointment today and all went well. everything looks as it should!

we measured 8 weeks so our due date is march 30th..possibly april 3rd. i hope its not born on my birthday, for the baby's sake!

we don't have a scanner so i thought that we would just take a picture of the sono pic.
this is actually the 3rd sono we've had. heidi spoiled us and did a couple right when we found out.

the baby is growing! it actually has a head and body now. not just a beating grain of rice! you can also see the little arm and leg buds!

today was the 6 year anniversary of our first date, so it was fun to get to see the baby today! we had a lunch date to the doctor (fun fun) and subway, then starbucks tonight. we like to party it up!

goodnight all in blog world.

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