Monday, August 3, 2009

summer update

ok, i just realized how long it has really been since i have blogged! this could be a lengthy, picture filled post!! i will do a very abbreviated fact filled update!

first, for our anniversary, we wanted to do something a little different, so we went skydiving!! how romantic!! it was so fun and now we can say we've done it!!

we've done quite a bit of swimming! here are the kiddos being silly!!

went to friends (rachel and david's) wedding! we got to hang out with lots of friends from high school and it was so great to catch up!

and found out we were pregnant later that night!

bought lola a pool, and its her new best friend.

spent some days at the lake! always fun!

threw heidi a surprise 30th birthday party!

had a great 4th of july!

here are the kids on the 4th! kinda hard to get them all looking and smiling!

spent the night with great friends at a ranger's game!

and did i mention we were pregnant!?!?

oh my gosh, we're gonna be parents!!!

we are soo excited!! we're 6 weeks now, due march 30th!

and we'll try to be better about keeping everyone updated! i feel out of breath (or my fingers are tired) after this post!

everyone have a wonderful evening!


Jess said...

Honestly, Turner Falls was not that great of a place. I was really disapointed in the cabin and the river and falls were so trashy that it was had to enjoy. We were able to hike further up the river and find some better places to play but even they were covered in trash too. Plus it was really crowded and we went during the week. We don't ever plan to go back. Wish I had a better review for you. Love your blog though!

Nathaniel and Bethany Roszhart said...

I'm so excited for you guys! You two will make GREAT parents! :)