Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh dear..

when people find out i'm pregnant they ask 2 questions immediately..
"are you feeling ok?"
- yeah pretty good just a little tired.
"are you having weird cravings?"
-no not really, eating pretty normal things.

i guess those are the first things people think of when they think of pregnancy, who knew.

well, so i thought i wasn't having weird cravings, and i'm really not, but lo and behold, i am sitting here at 4:30 am eating a bowl of lucky charms. hmm.
so no, i'm not having weird cravings, because i've always eaten lucky charms.
but i'm definitely having cravings at weird times!!

and earlier today, i was asleep when kyle got home from work. he came in and said he was going to cook me dinner, being the sweet man that he is.
but no, i wake from a dead sleep wanting pizza. so i got up immediately and we went and got a pizza.
again...normal food, just at an odd time.

so kyle, who i've always known as a dear sweet person, seems much nicer lately, because this is only the beginning. (and i think he knows that very clearly)


Dan, Ashleigh, and Isabella said...

I never wanted to eat while I was pregnant. I just wanted to sleep all the time! That or lay in the bathtub!
You need to post the sono pics. I didn't get a chance to see them when I was in town.

the nelsons said...

yeah, i need to post those. we don't have a scanner, so i'll have to find one to use.