Thursday, February 11, 2010

last weekend

we celebrated kyle's mom's birthday by spending the weekend in college station and going to the a&m vs. baylor basketball game. it made it a little interesting since there is a little family feud going on there between these two particular schools =)

i have it easy and it's win win for me.

a&m wins - kyle is happy, and that makes me happy.
baylor wins - i like baylor and cheer for them in most of the their games.

so what color to wear?

i decided to be a good wife and support my dear husband and his beloved school. haha..he's not really one of those psycho aggies -- you know who you are!!

it really was a close game..neck and neck the whole time. the aggies came through victorious. although i think they only won on good luck and a 90% free throw average (not their norm!)

beth and sara were good sports and claimed that it was better for the aggies to win and the boys be in a good mood. i agree =)

and to top the weekend off, on sunday we got to have lunch with a real life blue grass band! they were friends of kirk's (kyle's brother). and the lead singer was named "digger".

you can't make this stuff up people.

all in all it was a great family fun filled weekend. and our first time back in college station since we moved from there so it was a nice trip down memory lane. and how we're glad we don't live there anymore! =)

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