Friday, February 19, 2010

weekend wrap-up

it's funny how it takes me till the next weekend, to wrap up the previous. but we are at least making way with our weekly posts!

the snow all melted (quite quickly, i might add) and we are back to just normal old texas. i can't complain too much though, i do not know how people live with that much snow several months each year! i love going to colorado and all that jazz just as much as anyone, but once it started to melt, all that nasty slush was getting kinda old!

we decided to keep valentines pretty low key (after the snow changed our original plans). we decided that we would do no tangible gifts, because about a week earlier, we renewed our...


haha. we are "those people" that wear boat shoes year round, with everything. don't judge. everyone should own a pair! both of our boat shoes were a couple years old quite/very worn out, so we just decided to go and pick out the ones we wanted and happy valentine's to us! (we felt our wedding vows are still in good shape, so the boat shoes were what really needed to be renewed)

kyle then broke the "we're not getting gifts" rule, and got me flowers and a big bag of skittles! (this rule breaking is pretty consistent!) and the skittles..he knows me well enough not to get me chocolate. skittles have been the candy of choice for the past several months.

i felt bad that he had gotten me flowers and skittles, so while we were grocery shopping that night, i said "you want me to get you some candy?"
"how bout sour patch kids and sour worms"

so here ya go, happy v-day!

we are now that couple that just picks up gifts while grocery shopping, together!

and while we were taking pictures, decided to get a belly shot, (kind of an odd angle, but kyle is working on his skills!)

here we are at 33 weeks!

this weekend we also had our second 3D sonogram! we didn't get many pictures of her whole face, because she was a little squished up! she is definitely running out of room in there! those pictures will follow in another post, but here is a 2D sono of her sweet face!

her little nose and lips are too cute! (actually, not so little nose and lips, if you can tell from the sono!) getting to see what she actually looks like was amazing, even though we didn't get the perfect pictures! it makes me so much more anxious/excited to meet her in just a few short weeks!!

that is all for now!

have a happy week!
(or hey, we're at the weekend already, time for another update!)

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