Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentine's snow day

as most people know, texas recently got snow! like real snow.

not the slushy, icy, dirty mess.

10 something inches of real lush snow.

the snow started falling on thursday morning and kept coming till friday morning.

all this is usually great, but on this thursday night, we had big plans to go out for valentine's day (a couple days early) and go re-do our 3D sonogram. (miss jillian didn't quite cooperate the first time.)
so when it started snowing, i didn't really expect it to be enough to hinder our plans.

well, sure enough was i wrong!! the 3D sono office actually called and said they were closing due to weather, so it made our decision quite easy whether to go or not!

the funny thing is, 6 years ago, on our very first valentine's day together, we of course had big plans to go out and it snowed and iced. our parents decided it would probably be better if we (16 year old drivers) didn't go out in the bad weather. so we stayed at home and played in the snow and helped my mom watch andrew (who was 1 month old!), so heidi and brent could go out.

wow, times change fast!

here we are 6 years ago on valentine's..

6 years later

so our plans changed quite a bit thursday night and we ended up going to my parent's house and playing in the snow with the whole family. it ended up being more fun than going to some fancy restaurant anyways, i'm sure.

here are a few pictures from the night..

snowball fight. i stayed out of it. notice the golf cart in the background, that's what we use to "sled". we did it when we were kids, now it's the grandkids turn!

cute baby addition to the "playground" that will probably be used a lot more in the spring!

i love the snowball plastered to his forehead!

this is the "sled" (aka..mortar bucket) that was pulled behind the golf cart. adelle loved it! she didn't get out the whole time. notice it filling up with snow!

happy snow day!

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