Wednesday, February 24, 2010

baby showers!

we were beyond blessed this past week by friends and family to have 2 baby showers!

on thursday, we had a shower given by my friends at work, and i was blown away by the generosity. i love working with these girls!

here i am in our little break room, where the showers are held. the girls did a great job making all things pink!

mandy made this cute little diaper cake.

kyle came up after the shower to help me load up all our goods! (he wasn't too pumped about spending the entire shower with all those females, so he just makes an appearance at the end)

tammy, me and mandy. thanks yall--everything was so cute!

kyle making a get away with all our girly goodies!!

then just 2 short days later, on saturday morning, we had another shower at church, and were blessed once again with all things pink!!

me and the moms!

moms and grandmas

hannah and me. she was an official hostess - listed on the invite! (she'd want you to know that)

dellie helped me open presents, which was nice because bending over has become quite difficult! she liked this shirt, in particular. and she took her job very seriously! hannah did too -- she was back there writing poems!

the baby daddy came at the end once again!

we got this cute painting from carrie, one of beth's friends.

and here's all our baby gear at home! we are ready for jillian now, we're just not sure where we'll put her!

i was tired just looking at it all!

thank you so much to all our friends and family!! we were so blessed by everyone, and so appreciate it!!

now if our jillie girl will just get here!! we only have a few short weeks!! unfortunately, i'm afraid these "few short weeks" will be the longest yet!!


Jessica said...

I love the tree in her bedroom. Did you paint it on or did you buy it?

the nelsons said...

i painted it. i outlined it first in chalk, then painted it. it was actually pretty simple!